About Us

UNPLUSH is a transdisciplinary art association with dance and performing arts at its core. It brings together artists from various fields such as electronic music, visual arts, dance, performance and graphic design. 

The association is organized in three branches which produce different creative formats while sharing common artistic visions. UNPLUSH Company is dedicated to the production of performances, dance and theater pieces, while HEPTEKA is a collective that organizes transdisciplinary events and AMACLUB is a platform for amateur dancers.

With its vast collaborations, formats and venues, Unplush is actively involved in the swiss cultural scene and produces for a diverse audience.

In 2018, UNPLUSH was awarded a three-year support by PRAIRIE, the co-production model of Migros-Kulturprozent for innovative Swiss theater and dance companies. UNPLUSH is supported by the Dampfzentrale Bern. In 2019, UNPLUSH  won the June Johnson Dance Prize.

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Dampfzentrale Bern

Dampfzentrale Bern  // 26., 28 March 2021 // 8 pm

“I smoke a joint… lie down. Heard Boris Charmatz on France Culture radio say, he writes his plays lying down. I’m trying.” Mayra

“Do it Mayra” features the fictional character of Mayra, an artist who is writing her new piece. The performance traces her creative process and focuses particularly on the failed ideas. Through concerts, trash stand-up comedy, hardcore dances and extreme “drama queen” moments, “Do it Mayra” expresses the desires of an artist, facing a neoliberal world.


Concept and direction: Marion Zurbach
Performance: Maria Demandt / Peter Cripps Clark
Sound composition: Giorgio Gristina
Dramaturgy: Vittorio Bertolli
Installation: Arthur Eskenazi
Costumes: Silvia Romanelli
Oeil Extérieur: Mathias Bremgartner

Duration: 1 hour
Languages: English/German/French