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The artistic association Unplush was founded 2015 in Bern. It proposes interdisciplinary productions inside and outside the frame of theatres in Switzerland and abroad. Under the direction of Marion Zurbach, the company brings together artists from several fields such as dance, theatre, electronic music, visual arts, graphic design and poetry slam, to explore the vast potential of performance formats. Unplush also organises “Unplush Invites”, an event format merging electronic music with live performances and “Amaclub”, a creative platform for amateur dancers.

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Festival Emergentes International Sevilla

Festival Emergentes International Sevilla , 26 July 2018

Flipper, hero from the eponymous TV show, was played by a female dolphin named Kathy. In an interview, Kathy’s trainer Rick O’Barry narrates that the animal, suffering because of its captivity, committed suicide in his arms. From this testimony, the piece FLIPPER presents an investigation, staging three performers who play respectively the roles of Kathy, Rick O’Barry and an investigator.

Length: 1 hour




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