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Unplush’s members come from different artistic fields, such as dance, visual arts, costume design, video and music. Together we create interdisciplinary performances to shape situations which are inspired by topics that challenge us.

Our shows are exploring unusual and playful ways of performing. Our favourite aesthetics (victims) are baroque or futurism falsely idealized. Unplush’s shows generate a special atmosphere: somewhere between discomfort and hilarity, somewhat comparable to the feeling of being stared at in the dark, by a teddy bear.

We also like to contribute to inter-collaborations among artists, by offering to performers or musicians to participate in our events called “Unplush Invites”. In this vision, the Unplush community intends to use its network to create a programming that reflects its interest in electronic music as well as entertaining and challenging performances.

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my box

From the heights of the pedestal, the statue wakes up. Its body loosens up, the stone becomes softer, it seems almost human, a woman. Taking her pedestal along, she sets out to conquer new territories.

“Hello there, I come to invade you. Please do not show any resistance, I come to set you free! Admire the expertise of my empire, its science, its mastery of form, volume, opportunities. Acknowledge me as your master, let me collect, two, three things, and my empire will be yours.”

The statue is the representation of a civilisation; its myth. The empire often uses the statue to justify its desire for domination. The statue is the model, the gift for the conquered. It can profile perfectly the faces of power and plays its role with excellence. Never it could imagine that the empire will do without it. This is the story of a fall.

Or a hallucination.

maria demandt

Choreography: Marion Zurbach

Assistant: Vittorio Bertolli

Performance: Luciana Croatto/ Maria Demandt

Duration: 17 minutes

Premiere: 12 mars 2015, Theater Treffpunkt, Stuttgart

Up Coming shows:

Zürich: Internationales Zürcher Tanzfestival YEAH YEAH YEAH – Rote Fabrik, September 23 & 24

Geneve: Théâtre de l’Usine,  September 30