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The artistic association Unplush was founded 2015 in Bern. It proposes interdisciplinary productions inside and outside the frame of theatres in Switzerland and abroad. Under the direction of Marion Zurbach, the company brings together artists from several fields such as dance, theatre, electronic music, visual arts, graphic design and poetry slam, to explore the vast potential of performance formats. Unplush also organises “Unplush Invites”, an event format merging electronic music with live performances and “Amaclub”, a creative platform for amateur dancers.

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one travelling show

With “one travelling show”, Marion Zurbach presents a personal investigation on Elie Kakou (1960-1999), the first Maghreb actor and humorist, who was successful in France thanks to his exceptional one man shows. 

“one travelling show” is a solo performance, crossing over the genres and experiences of Elie Kakou and Marion Zurbach. By revisiting and expanding the physicalities of Elie’s various stage characters, it seeks a complicity, an imaginary dialogue between the two artists.

The piece introduces a personal scenic form by playing with different media such as dance, text, comedy, sound design and video art.

The staging invites the audience into different atmospheres while keeping a close encounter. Olfactory sensations and actions are introduced to the stage, such as cutting onions, making coffee, or smoking cigarettes to create an immersive experience shared by the audience and the performer.

A video projection creates spaces that entice the audience into uncanny places. Accompanied by electronic sounds and using humor in unsettling ways, “one travelling show” offers us an insight into the complexity of Elie Kakou as well as Marseille in relation to the cultural events of 2013, when Marseille was nominated as European capital of culture.


Creation and performance: Marion Zurbach
Assistant: Vittorio Bertolli
Video Matteo: Taramelli
Assistant music composition:  Alexandre Rui
Documentation and interviews: Arthur Jouanaud