About Us

The artistic association UNPLUSH was founded in Bern in 2015. Under the artistic direction of Marion Zurbach, it brings together artists from different fields such as dance, theatre, electronic music, visual arts, graphic design and poetry slam. The artists share their practises and explore the wide-ranging possibilities of performative formats. UNPLUSH’ productions are aiming at a broad audience thanks to its diverse venues, formats and artistic collaborations.

Unplush also organises UNPLUSH INVITES, an event format programming electronic music with live performances and AMACLUB, a creative platform for amateur dancers.

In 2018, UNPLUSH has been awarded a three-year support by PRAIRIE, the co-production model of Migros Kulturprozent for innovative Swiss theater and dance companies. UNPLUSH is supported by the Dampfzentrale Bern.

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A touring exhibition to promote a better image over rich people


UNPLUSH and JAWIS bring together performance and music, to create POSH, an exhibition with the aim to promote the lifestyle and justify the existence of a high-class society. It is constructed of different installations, confronting the audience with an ironic view on what our society legitimates. 

“An interdisciplinary, performative moment of soft and playful social criticism. We were all dipped in gold and felt intensely taken by the UNPLUSH-posse. Unforgettable!” – Marie-Isabelle von WalterskirchenVazem Collective

Performers and Makers: Peter Cripps Clark, Maria Demandt, Meloe Gennai, Guilherme Marinheiro, Marion Zurbach
Musicians: JAWIS: Fhunyue Gao & Annalena Fröhlich
Concept: Marion Zurbach
Assistants: Vittorio Bertolli & Ralf Samens

Premiere 4 June 2017 //Rhizom Festival Rote Fabrik Zurich
Duration: 45′
Spoken language: English