About Us

The artistic association UNPLUSH was founded in Bern in 2015. Under the artistic direction of Marion Zurbach, it brings together artists from different fields such as dance, theatre, electronic music, visual arts, graphic design and poetry slam. The artists share their practises and explore the wide-ranging possibilities of performative formats. UNPLUSH’ productions are aiming at a broad audience thanks to its diverse venues, formats and artistic collaborations.

Unplush also organises UNPLUSH INVITES, an event format programming electronic music with live performances and AMACLUB, a creative platform for amateur dancers.

In 2018, UNPLUSH has been awarded a three-year support by PRAIRIE, the co-production model of Migros Kulturprozent for innovative Swiss theater and dance companies. UNPLUSH is supported by the Dampfzentrale Bern.

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Between Dogs and Wolves

Duration: 25 minutes
Premiere show: 29 Avril 2015, Vidmarhallen, Bern

Between Dogs and Wolves investigates how to play with theatrical rules using as a reference “Six Characters in Search of an Author” from Luigi Pirandello .


Waiting Room

Duration: 35 minutes
Premiere: 16 august 2014, Theater Heitere Fahne, Bern

Without leaving the room the characters escape into surreal worlds where they can express their shameful desires. 


Moving Matters 

Duration: 24 minutes
Premiere: 5 March 2014, Theater Vidmar Hallen, Bern

This play deals with the subjective experience of migration through the testimony of two dancers living in Switzerland. 



Duration: 20 minutes
Premiere: 26 April 2013, Feuerwerk, Bern
This piece opens with a mechanical dance between the man and his chair and lead the characters towards a revolt.
Cubic Bones 
Duration: 35 minutes
Premiere: 12 January 2013, Feuerwerk, Bern
Adapted from the short movie “The Perfect Human” by Jorgen Leth
This duo highlights the absurdity of the quest for perfection, using irony as a tool: the most beautiful act of perfection is the failed  one.


Black Pool

Duration: 25 minutes
Premiere: 31 décembre 2012, Theater Heitere Fahne, Bern

Black Pool depicts a world that is nearing its loss.  The characters tell each others apocalyptic fables. 


The show must go

Duration: 25 minutes
Premiere, 16 June 2012, Theater Vidmarhallen, Bern

The “Show Must Go” is a farce on mindless entertainment. Which instincts are being awakened to catch our unhealthy attention?